What do you do?

  • MusiPUB helps content creators find and license music for any project through data-driven, scientific, and intuitive methodologies.
  • MusiPUB provides music coordinator services for film and television on behalf of music supervisors and studios.
  • MusiPUB helps musicians, studios, engineers and other industry professionals within the southeast strategize and monetize their art.

Why should I work with you?

MusiPUB has spent years analyzing music in audio-visual works and applying data, technological, and biological applications for music search and licensing. With a vast network of industry professionals, any request can be done in-house or with a couple phone calls.

What do you mean by data, technological, and biological applications?

We don't take the intuitive and creative process out of the art of music search and clearance; we utilize these elements to simplify the process.

  • Data: Can be used in a variety of ways from analyzing listening habits of your target market to generating playlists based on cue data from previous episodes of your television show.
  • Biological: Different contextual elements of music are shown to have a profound effect on emotions from a biological standpoint. Utilizing your brief, we can analyze these elements to find the right mood for the music.
  • Technological: Availability of web applications, APIs, and metadata analysis can help us narrow down all the great music out there into a smaller sample from which to audition cues.

How do I license music from the catalog?

Once you find the song you would like to request, please email your project details to Our artists are available for original compositions and work for hire jobs. We will work with you and your creative brief to create the perfect, original cue. Please submit a creative brief to

For artists in your catalog, what are your licesning fees?

We can work within your budget. Licensing fees are based on type of use, type of media, length of license, etc. For smaller budget projects, we have a back catalog of great tunes. Gratis licenses are not typically offered unless it's for a cause that we would like to be part of. Please understand that gratis licesnses can de-value the music placement economy.

What do you charge for music supervision services?

This is based on the project music budget. We are so confident in our process, we offer flat fees, and in some cases, we will provide a free music search.