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Georgia Film Tax Credits: Don't Forget the Music

Updated: Jun 24, 2018

Tax Credit Notes:

- By now most entertainment folks know of the Georgia production tax credits – up to 30% transferable credit on qualified expenditures, minimum spend $500K

- Although it may not be immediately evident, post-production services do qualify as project expenditures

- So, audio post services and other music related services aggregate toward the spend

- No salary cap for 1099 workers, personal services contractors, or loan out companies, but loan out companies do require 6% Georgia Income Tax withholding

- Though sync and master licensing fees do not qualify, the use of Georgia vendors for licensing services do

- Original compositions produced and recorded in Georgia, for Georgia lensed projects, also qualify

The State of Georgia – and the south in general – is a musical mecca with a diversified artist portfolio. Sure, the world has heard the earlier sound of music from Atlanta, Athens, and Macon, as well as newer, genre-specific music out of Atlanta, but the state maintains a broader, incredibly diversified talent pool spanning all genres and national origins.

My musical roots took form here in Georgia, during a period that was somewhat of a struggle for Georgia artists. There were few record labels and few music publishers here, so getting your music heard by the masses was hard. Some artists were turned off by the lack of money flowing through the artist ecosystem. But the music scene was vibrant; the artist collective was tight-knit and supportive of one another. Most artists took second or third jobs. Today, the vibrancy of the music community is clear and present – just go to Athens or East Atlanta on a Friday night.

The Georgia tax credit programs mentioned could further unify the artist collective in the state and our neighboring states. The infrastructure to support these measures with talent is in place—from musicians, bands, and composers, to studios, engineers, and venues.

I’ve studied music publishing, music licensing, and music psychology for years, with the goal of helping to ensure that the artists – who have had such a profound impact on me – be able to continue making the music we all love. In speaking with artists, analyzing the publishing and label arrangements, scanning the metadata and organizational databases, I’ve observed DIY musicians that could use some backend advice.

For artists that need business advice: we’re here.

For Georgia content creators who need music: we’re here.

For out of towners who may not be familiar enough with the local musical landscape to capitalize on these tax credits: we’re here.

We offer full music supervision and music licensing services, providing worldwide music search (not just Georgia music) and clearance. We offer our vast music network in the state and surrounding states, should you wish to capitalize on these credits. We have a Buckhead office should any music department personnel need to post up while in town. We can assist in any way you need. More of services for music supervisors:

Thanks to the individuals and organizations who have made this a viable reality for myself and musicians alike.



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